Parts for a Fasting App

I started logging my fasts around 2016. Currently, I use a combination of Siri Shortcuts, Drafts, and I launch a Shortcut to log the current UTC time and a "fasting event", which can be:

  • Open feeding window
  • First food
  • Last food
  • Close feeding window

To get the total length of the feeding window, I calculate the duration from the opening of the feeding window to the close. The length of the fast is time outside of the feeding window.

To get away from spreadsheets, I want to build a web application. For the most basic functionality I need:

  1. A database (I think?)

    I want my data to persist and I don't want to be tied to one device. Currently, my whole system relies on Drafts Actions and Siri Shortcuts. This means I have to have an iOS device to log any fasting events.

  2. A web page to click a button to create various fasting events

    It's needs to be easy to quickly log a fasting event.

  3. Login authentication and authorization

    I can't have just anybody connect to the database.